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Podcast 1.6 – Centering Survivors’ Storytelling

Recounting the details of violence and abuse are an essential element for criminal and civil investigations; equally as important are the ways in which media outlets cover stories of both physical and online abuse and violence. When survivors tell stories of technology-facilitated abuse, their accounts are frequently minimized or dismissed because of the perception that violence occurring in the digital sphere is not that serious or that nothing can be done. Unfortunately, many survivors share how their stories of harassment and abuse are not taken seriously or inaccurately recounted when passed along in the criminal justice process or in media coverage. When fact finders, criminal justice professionals, and media fail to center the experience of survivors in their investigations and reportage, criminal and civil cases can become weakened; and public opinion can create everything from hopelessness to increased sense of danger for survivors. This podcast, featuring Soraya Chomali of Women’s Media Center, focuses on the importance of survivors’ storytelling to better aid the fact finding and investigative process; and, to provide more accurate media coverage.

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Podcast 1.5 – Evidentiary Issues in Cyber Abuse Cases on Campus

Trends in gender-based online violence change as quickly as new social media platforms are created. In this podcast, our two experts, Attorney, Ian Harris of the Safety Net Project, and Corporal, Christopher Brown of California State University, Long Beach Police Department, discuss the latest forms of online abuse and how the misuse of technology in these cases impacts students on secondary and college campuses. They also discuss best practices for gathering and preserving digital evidence and for working with students to gather and preserve such evidence.

Podcast 1.4 – Cyber Abuse, Title IX, and the First Amendment

Does a secondary school or university have an obligation to respond to harassing and threatening gender-based comments posted anonymously on Yik Yak or other social media sites? What is a school’s obligation and how can school administrators carry it out consistent with the First Amendment rights of the students posting the messages? These are some of the questions we explore in this podcast with Kelli Musick of the Feminist Majority Foundation. We also discuss best practices that campus safety officials can follow in gender-based cyber harassment cases.

Podcast 1.3 – Without My Consent: Tangible Tools to Combat Online Harassment

Some refer to nonconsensual sharing of images as “revenge porn.” Others refer to it as “sextortion.” However, what do these terms collectively mean and how is it affecting our youth? With the help of expert, Erica Johnstone of Without My Consent, this podcast will delve directly into the nonconsensual sharing of images and videos, advances the legal community has made to combat this issue, and explore strategies to support both students and campus administrators in finding equitable solutions in secondary schools and college campuses.

Podcast 1.2 – New Tech, New Strategies: Investigating Cyber Abuse on Campus

In the second eTAG podcast, we interview Sgt. Cox, an officer with Austin Independent School District’s Police Department who has trained hundreds of law enforcement officers on social media use and investigations across the state of Texas. This podcast explores strategies to enhance the response of campus law enforcement officers in cyber abuse cases. Listeners will get an opportunity to learn about trends in social media, techniques for collecting evidence, and new training methods for campus safety professionals. Learn more about the National Association of School Resource Officers and Texas School Safety Center.

Podcast 1.1 – SafeBae: Experiences & Response Recommendations from Youth Survivors

In the first eTAG podcast, we interview Daisy, Charlie, and Ella, co-founders of SafeBAE, a student-focused, survivor-driven nonprofit whose mission is to raise awareness about sexual assault and dating violence in middle and high schools. This podcast explores the experiences of youth survivors when navigating criminal justice responses to cyber abuse cases and ideas for how criminal justice professionals can support youth. Listeners will also learn more about SafeBAE’s youth-led projects to address cyber re-victimization.